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News Article
Proponents of facilitated communication defend Midwest Summer Institute
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier
June 20, 2018

What motivates us is how we can bring (different techniques) to our community. We all belong in the same world, and that’s what we believe in,” said Sarah Corkery, the board president of Inclusion Connection and a parent.
WNY Girl With Autism Helps Others Find Their Voice
May 9, 2018

"My life has been transformed from a life of being trapped in a body that is uncooperative and unpredictable, into a new life that gives me hope and a future of possibilities.”
Family: Portland teenager denied national trip because he has autism
KPTV Fox12
April 28, 2017

“They said that both in the written [portion] and the interview, which he did using the letter board, that he was a clear winner out of everyone,” said David Scheer, the secretary at the Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge in north Portland.
Autistic Portland boy who won a prestigious trip told he can't go
The Oregonian
April 27, 2017

“Niko's reliance on the letterboard is no different than a person who is deaf relying on a sign language interpreter on a tour, or a person who is blind needing a seeing eye dog, said Gordon C. Magella, an attorney with Disability Rights Oregon.
News Article
An autistic boy regains his voice, one letter at a time
The Oregonian
April 30, 2016

Within the school, something changed. Kids looked forward to sitting with Niko and Lovett. Eventually, working with his mom, 11 students learned how to use the letter board. The number increases weekly. At the same time, Niko began learning how to use an iPad to type and communicate without an assistant. The device will allow him to be more independent as he grows older. His mother was stunned by her son's thoughts on current events, poetry, and his love of science. His grades were great. He started thinking about going to college. He had friends, including, as he put it, "hot girls" who want to "letter board with me.’”
Autism Learning Method
March 2, 2016

"And she's getting good grades. We always had in the back of our mind wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find a college that specializes in autistics. We're not thinking that way now, we’re thinking she's going to go to college,” said Tim Clinton, Kaylie Clinton’s father.

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