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Tulane University (Louisiana)

Story about the 2018 graduation from Tulane University of Ben Alexander, a nonspeaking autistic student who was awarded a generous scholarship and majored in English and Jewish Studies. His father accompanied him to college to assist him with motor coordination.

“He said the father-son’s presence gave countless students, faculty and staff “the opportunity to grow and learn from Ben’s unique and thoughtful perspective” and also provided a roadmap for the growing number of students with autism-spectrum disorders who have since enrolled at Tulane. At the Newcomb-Tulane College Senior Awards Ceremony May 18, Ben received an award for outstanding accomplishment in Jewish Studies.”

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WGRZ-TV (New York)

Buffalo, New York NBC-TV-affiliate story about nonspeaking autistic 7th grader Reagan Fast, who is on the high honor roll at her local public school and whose dream is to study botany at UC Berkeley. Reagan communicates by typing on an iPad and by pointing to letters on a letterboard, which she learned to do through Rapid Prompting Method. She makes and sells knitted hats to help fund other autistic students’ learning of RPM.

“My life has been transformed from a life of being trapped in a body that is uncooperative and unpredictable, into a new life that gives me hope and a future of possibilities.”

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