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Iowa Public Radio

“David James ‘DJ’ Savarese is a poet, prose writer, and recent alumni of Oberlin College, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in Anthropology and Creative Writing. He is also autistic and nonspeaking. DJ shares his story through the new documentary Deej, which just received a Peabody Award and will be shown at the Julien Dubuque International Film festival on Saturday, April 28th. The documentary, which was produced by Savarese in partnership with Robert Rooy, follows him through high school and into college as he confronts society’s obstacles to inclusion and chases his dream of a college education.”

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Ventura County Star (California)

Ten-year-old Camarillo, California author Diego Peña, who communicates by typing on an iPad and by pointing to letters on a letterboard, speaks at Ventura College for the 2018 Diversity in Culture Festival about his best-selling book on Amazon, Anatomy of Autism.

“It is the lifeline to love, friendship, needs and success,” said Diego through his talker. “It is my right as a person to always have communication, no matter how controversial it is.”

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